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Are you innovative? Do you want to work in a process-optimized way? Do you not want to put your customers through a long wait? Do you want to help them immediately? Then become a partner.

Fair cooperation and partnership are the basis of our business success.

Everyone involved can benefit from the live-expert system, regardless of whether you are a car operator wanting to satisfy customers, or are an insurer who wants to optimize their business processes, or, as an expert wanting to get to know the modern way of assessing them.

Motor vehicle

Show that you are innovative and become a partner for TÜV NORD live-expert.

As a car dealership or car operation, you and you customers can experience the advantages of the live-expert system up close. Due to the versatility in the application, the system is ideally suited adapt to your process.

  • Car dealerships 
  • Free workshops 
  • Body and paint shops 
  • Car rental
  • Fleet operator

The instant service for you and your customers – without waiting!

  • Customer does not have to leave the yard 
  • Immediate inspection of the vehicle in your workshop 
  • Damage calculations after 45 minutes from the customer’s arrival 
  • Faster start of repair and shorter service life 
  • Dates that fit into your workflow
  • Follow-up visits and repair support at the push of a button


As an insurance company, you are in the focus of claims processing. You want to master the balancing act between optimal customer care and fast and cost-effective regulatory processes.

You can do both with our live-expert system!

However, they experience a remarkable acceleration in the resolution process and can reduce many costs that simply disappear with the use of our system.


An essential part of the live-expert system are experienced and qualified experts. Is that what you are? Perfect!

Get to know the innovative nature of the visit and become part of our nationwide network of experts.

We’re happy to bring the technology closer to you and train you in the application so that you can now spend more time working and completing assignments that were previously difficult and time-consuming.

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