After several years of development, live-expert GmbH & Co. KG has developed an innovative and trend-setting video live transmission system that is unique to the market. It was developed by a group of experts who have been successfully established in the market since 1988 and obtain a high level of know-how, relevant experience and a considerable customer base. The live-expert system is thus a development by experts for experts. Since 2009, the system is in practical use in the auto-damage industry (automotive companies, car rental companies, insurance companies, vehicle experts). To date, we have been able to convince and successfully serve more than 400 partners with the use of the live-expert system.

Another milestone in our development was achieved in February 2013 with the patent “Device and method for assessing objects” issued on 4 February 2013.

Of course, video live technology can also be used outside the automotive industry, for example for damage to buildings, machines, systems, etc. There are no limits here.

The live-expert system is the smart and efficient form of sightseeing, whether it is car damage, building damage, or similar. The only thing you need is an Internet-enabled device (smartphone, tablet, …) and off you go.

What the system offers:

  • Huge time savings
  • No waiting
  • Ready to use immediately and everywhere
  • Live inspection of objects by experts without spatial limitation
  • Direct live communication between sender and receiver

Over 30 years of expertise and industry experience

Through the long-term entrepreneurial activities of our management, as well as through the qualifications and experience of our entire team, you have access to competent experts for all technical and organizational matters.

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